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This Sunday and What's Happening

This Sunday August 18 at 10 am : "It is our choices, Harry..."; Chrissy Bushyager  

How do we as UUs make meaning? Where do we get inspiration and how do we choose what to believe?  How do we share those beliefs with others? We'll ask Alexa and seek meaning from Albus, Harry, and the whole gang

Chrissy Bushyager is currently serving as UUCDC’s Director of Religious Education.  She loves to preach summer sermons.  She and her wife and two children live in Havertown.

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Save the Date!  NAACP Scholarship Benefit Concert September 28 from 6 to 8 pm.

Learn more and download a new concert poster, announcing a suprise guest vocalist here!!

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Rev. Peter's Poem for June and This Sunday

Our month long Spiritual Theme for June is "Beauty"

"Still Life" by Rev. Peter Friedrichs is our poem for June 

A clutch of apricots in slanting light 
nestles in a stoneware bowl. 
Four glowing eggs, washed in sunset tones.
Their brilliance brags of summer’s ease, 
and savoring a lover’s kiss, whose taste 
long-lingers on the lips.
But what about the bowl itself? 
The simple dish that cradles these 
raucous globes with unobtrusive ease? 
Graceful, yes, but modest, too.
It strikes an unassuming pose.
Not the actors, but the stage
on which the play unfolds.
How much we strive to be the sun, 
the lavish fruit, at least a waxing moon. 
What if, instead, we sought 
to be the bowl, all quiet strength. 
And – humbly, daily – invited  
Beauty to find a home in us. 

This Sunday June 30: Rebroadcast of UUA General Assembly

10 to 11:30 am in the downstairs Chidrens Capel

Our Share-the-Plate recipient for June is Making A Change. This group helps at-risk teens in Chester. You can also donate by texting your donation amount to 610-756-8883. You'll receive instructions in order to complete the transaction.

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Save the Date!  NAACP Scholarship Benefit Concert September 28 from 6 to 8 pm.

Learn a bit more here, but additional details coming soon!

Updated information and new FAQs on the UUCDC Capital Campaign Webpage!  Learn all about it by clicking here.


Rev. Peter's Poem for May and What's Happening

Our month long Spiritual Theme for May is "Curiosity"

"The Quest" by Rev. Peter Friedrichs is our poem for May 

(Rev. Peter is working on a series of poems for children that help to illustrate the 7 Principles of Unitarian Universalism. This poem is based on our Fourth Principle, which states that Unitarian Universalism affirms and promotes "the free and responsible search for truth and meaning.")
I lay in my bed in the dark of the night
and wonder about who’s wrong and who’s right.
And who made the rules by which we are bound
I know that, for eons, they’ve been around.
I just have so many questions to ask.
Like where did we come from, and what is our task?
And where do we go when we’re finally done?
Is there something beyond the red setting sun?
Some world’s religions tell us to believe
In fantastical gardens and Adam and Eve.
Other faiths tell us the whole world was born
on the back of a turtle that bright birthday morn.
There are books on the shelf that claim to know all
From just how we got here, and what brought The Fall.
Shamans and Imams, poets and priests
Ascetics who fast and saints whom we feast.
Were we human beings made whole out of clay?
Did we come from the sea? Am I part manta ray?
Did the earth and the stars start with a bang?
Or were they created when God’s angels sang?
I ponder these things, then ponder them more.
Google can’t help me, so I need to explore.
To embark on a journey, a kind of a quest
To discover each theory and find which fits best.
Which ones will sustain me when I feel alone,
Or when I am traveling far, far from home.
This is our task, our duty, our goal:
To join in this journey, so epic and bold.
Nobody knows all the answers, it’s true.
That’s why it’s for me and why it’s for you
To search out the knowledge and theories and such
that help us be better, make us reach out and touch.
Come on this journey, we’ll head out together!
We’ll seek and explore in good and bad weather.
I’ll learn things from you, and you’ll learn them from me
And the best part of all? It’s totally free!
We’ll find our beliefs that lead us to give
That show us the path, teach us right ways to live.
We don’t need the truth with a capital “T.”
Just something that works for you and for me.

This Sunday May 26: "What Are You Wondering"; One Service at 10:00 am

As we conclude our month-long examination of "Curiosity," Rev. Peter is wondering what you're wondering about. This Sunday will be a chance for you to ask him your questions and for all of us to wonder together. You can bring a question with you, written on an index card or a piece of paper, or you can submit your questions in advance by email to  If you're curious or questioning, come join us on a journey of exploration!  The UUCDC Choir will offer the gift of their music, and Ed Mathis will serve as worship associate.

Our Share-the-Plate recipient for May is Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy.  This group of concerned residents in Delaware County is working to achieve safe communities by preventing gun violence. You can also donate by texting your donation amount to 610-756-8883. You'll receive instructions in order to complete the transaction.

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Rev. Peter's Poem for April and What's Happening

Our month long Spiritual Theme for April is "Wholeness"

"I Do Not Know" by Rev. Peter Friedrichs is our poem for April

I do not know who God is.
But from the moment of my birth
I have been deeply loved
and never alone.
I don’t know what Prayer is.
But I have heard the birds 
of a meadow morning
sing their praises to the day.
I don’t know what Sin is.
But I have passed by the homeless,
their hands outstretched,
and pretended not to notice.
I don’t know what Grace is.
But I have been forgiven
for things I’ve done,
without excuse, without deserving.
I do not know what Death is.
But I have been washed away
on a sea of depression,
nearly beyond my saving.
I don’t know what Hell is.
But I have held the hands 
of parents as their child
lay dying of cancer.
I don’t know what Faith is.
But I try each day
to notice things, to name them
and give thanks.
I do not know what Life is.
But I am writing these words
on a cool spring morning
with my face turned toward the sun.

This Sunday May 5: "Wandering and Wondering"; Rev. Peter Friedrichs

As we begin our month-long spiritual theme of "Curiosity," Rev. Peter, Director of Religious Education Chrissy Bushyager and Worship Associate Sharon Fichthorn will reflect Unitarian Universalism's call for us to "live into the questions" that our lives present.

Our Share-the-Plate recipient for April is Prysm Youth Center of Delaware County. The Prysm Youth Center of Delaware County provides lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex youth, and their straight allies with a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment where they can't regularly meet. You can also donate by texting your donation amount to 610-756-8883. You'll receive instructions in order to complete the transaction.

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Rev. Peter's Poem for March and What's Happening

Our month long Spiritual Theme for March is "Journey"

"The River" by Rev. Peter Friedrichs is our poem for March

All your life, a river has run
past your door.
You’ve chosen, finally,
to enter its flow.
The raft you’ve built is sound
and well-provisioned.
The paddle’s grip 
fits firmly in your hand.
Now, all that’s left to do 
is to push off 
from the safety of the shore.

This Sunday: Spring Special Music Service; Bob Rowland and the UUCDC Choir

This Sunday, as we conclude this month's exploration of the Journey theme: we reflect on it through poetry and in our Spring Special Music Service. This service, presented free of spoken commentary, thus allows the worshiper to experience and process these offerings in their own way. Musical selections are represent a diversity of musical and faith traditions and are presented in a variety of formats. The UUCDC Choir will feature solos, separate soprano-alto and tenor-bass ensembles, as well as mixed choir pieces; both accompanied and a cappella. Come to both reflect and refresh yourself for the journey ahead!

Mark your calendars to save the date!

Family friendly Seder will be held Saturday, April 27 from 5 – 7:30 pm.  Watch for more information about this traditional Passover celebration here, in the Digest and the Focus Feed.

The UUCDC Capital Campaign is underway!  Learn all about it by clicking here.


Next Sunday, Events and Rev. Peter's Poem for January

January 27:  "The Beauty of Our Scars"

As the spiritual theme of the month is "Possibility", we reflect on how our scars—the wounds we carry— hold the possibility to emerge as part of our spiritual journey. Rumi wrote, "The wound is the place where the light enters you". Where can we find the possibility of beauty? How can we connect with beauty even as wounds are healing? How can we relate the beauty of our scars to a form of birthing joy into the world? Guest speaker Rev. Rebekah Ann Savage, DRE Chrissy Bushyager, and Worship Associate Sharon Fichthorn will lead our worship. Music will be provided by Gabby Sacks and Joy Thiessen.

Mark your calendars for Jan 26 at 6:00 pm and Sign-up for the Annual ChiliChocolate, Home Brew Challenge!

The Eleventh Annual ChiliChocolate, Home Brew Challenge is coming your way.  Read all about it and register here.  We look forward to your support!  

January 27: Congregational Meeting at 6:00 pm preceeded by a potluck dinner at 5:00 pm

Please join us for our winter Congregational Meeting on Sunday, January 27, with a pot-luck dinner from five to six o'clock followed by the formal meeting starting at six o'clock. This is an opportunity to learn about important initiatives at UUCDC including: where we are on the design work for our building expansion, how we plan to address the 8th Principle on racism, how this year’s fund drive will be different than those of recent years, and other topics. These are exciting times for our congregation, and it is important for all of us to stay informed. 

"Possibility"; by Rev. Peter Friedrichs, the theme for January

The acorn scoffs
at the notion that it 
is the source of the mighty oak.
“Ridiculous,” replies the raindrop,
as it falls and joins its kin,
upon hearing rumors of how
the Grand Canyon came to be.

December's Services and Rev. Peter's Poem

Christmas Eve Services at 5:00pm and 7:30pm

We will offer two Christmas Eve services with stories and carols this year. The UUCDC Choir will sing at both services. All ages are welcome!

Sunday, Dec. 30 at 10:00 am:  "Finding Faith in the Darkest of Hours"

As the nights are long and the calendar prepares to flip to a new year, we may struggle to stay connected to our faith, or even to define what that faith is for us. What does "faith" look like to a Unitarian Universalist? Come worship with us as Rob Sartain and Worship Associate Norma Lewis lead us in an exploration of the mystery of faith for UUs in these dark hours.

"What If"; by Rev. Peter Friedrichs for the December theme of "Mystery"

What if… 
Earth’s orbit was
three degrees different,
and the glaciers had never
pulled back to the poles, or
A billion years later,
a small band of nomads 
hadn’t made its way west 
to what we now know as France 
carrying fire and wine, or
My grandfather four 
generations back had died 
as a boy in an accident down 
at the sawmill, or my great-
grandmother Louise had 
succumbed at age six to the flu, or

This Sunday and Rev. Peter's November Poem

Sunday, Nov. 25: "A Negativity Bias"; Rev. Andrew Weber

As humans, we have an inclination to react to and remember negative events as opposed to positive ones.  The thought is that through natural selection, it was more advantageous for our ancestors to know what could possibly harm or kill them.  How can we pay more attention to and remember more the positive and blessings in our lives?

Please note that there will be one service at 10am and no Religious Education programming; which will resume on December 2nd.

"Tatters"; by Rev. Peter Friedrichs for the November theme of "Memory"

I imagine my mother, 
auburn hair askew, 
swaddling her wedding dress 
like an infant and, with self-same care, 
easing it into the steamer trunk 
that I pulled today from the attic eaves, 
like Jesus, resurrected 
three days beyond her death.
She was the last to leave the party then,  
as now, all witnesses extinct. 
This artifact, the lone trace element  
left behind from all her carbon-dating. 
Countless times she shared 
the story of that auspicious day. 
But what remains for me is more 
the telling than the tale. 
The brittle threads that hold her close 
crumble at my touch. 
It’s all just sugar sifting 
through my fingers:  
Sweet, but impossible to hold.  

This Sunday, Rev. Peter's October Poem, Message from the President and UUCDC Happenings

Sunday, Oct. 28: "All Musical Service"

This Sunday in worship, through music and poetry, we will explore one of the basic tenets of our faith: Inclusion.  We will acknowledge those who  too long have been marginalized  in our society due to a range of seemingly insurmountable differences.  We will celebrate the richness that diversity brings to our lives together and examine our role as advocates for those who do not share equal rights with us under the laws of our land.  Music selected includes "Nowhere Man", "Born This Way", "De Colores" and "Would you harbor me?" among others.

The Church Auction is Nov. 3!  Click "Read More" below to get all the information.

"Next Steps" Capital Campaign Report is available here!

"When Worry Knocks"; by Rev. Peter Friedrichs for the September theme of "Sanctuary"

The knock can come
at any time of the day or night. 
And when it does, we know
in our gut who it is, because
we’ve heard that sound 
so many times before.
Our response is Pavlovian.
We drop everything
and run to the door. 
Opening it, we say 
“Come in. Of course.
Make yourself at home.
Would you like some tea?”
We don’t ask impertinent
questions like “How long
will you be staying?”
or “How great is your need?”
We simply say, “Yes,” and then
suffer the consequences.
Worry is a thief who steals
the silverware right off our table. 
The freeloader who finishes 
the milk, then complains when 
there’s none for his coffee.
It has our PIN, and each 
time it visits, it depletes 
our savings, knowing
we’ll forget by the next time 
it comes ‘round.
What would happen if we 
barred the door? 
Or, like a couple who’s run out 
of Halloween candy, turn out 
the lights and pretend we’re not home? 
Will it look to slip in by a window, 
or come down the flue like an anti-Santa?
Or might it just give up 
and walk away, perplexed?
Worry will be back, to be sure,
to test our resolve, 
for it’s relentless.
But every time we refuse
to answer its call,
we keep our hearts a refuge,
our homes a sanctuary.

This Sunday, Rev. Peter's Sept. Poem and UUCDC Happenings

This Sunday Sept. 30, 2018 - "An Earth Made Fair"; Rev. Peter Friedrichs

You may have heard the expression "An Earth made fair and all her people one." It comes from a mid-20th Century Christian hymn titled "Turn Back, O Man, Forswear Thy Foolish Ways" and is often used as a shorthand to describe our vision of a utopian future. As we wrap up our month-long theme of "Vision," Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Josie Cressler will consider these questions: What is our vision of and for the world? What is our responsibility to help bring that vision to reality? Dick Veleta will provide our music at both the 9:30 and 11:15 services and we will be holding a Service of Naming and Dedication during the 9:30 service.

"The Invitation"; by Rev. Peter Friedrichs for the September theme of "Vision"

The E-vite lands 
in your inbox 
with the other 6am chaff.
“Click Here to View Your Invitation”
You don’t recognize the sender, 
but you’re intrigued, so you do.
In flowing calligraphic script, 
you read:
You’re Invited!
Date: Today
Place: Here
Time: Now
Dress: Come as you are
You read on…
Everything you need has been provided. 
We only ask that you bring your own:
More Love, because you can never have enough.
A fruit salad or pie would be nice.
Invite your friends – space is unlimited. The more the merrier.
And then it asks:
Will You Attend? 
Please Click 
“Yes” or “No”