December's Services and Rev. Peter's Poem

Sunday, Dec. 16: "The Mystery of the Incarnation"; Rev. Peter Friedrichs

When you come right down to it, Christmas is about the Christ child, the notion of God taking on human form. This Sunday, Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Josie Cressler will consider how this concept might hold meaning for us as Unitarian Universalists. 

  • Tuesday December 18: "Longest Night" service at 7pm
  • Sunday December 23:   UU Holiday Pageant (One service at 10 am)
  • Monday December 24:  Christmas Eve Services at 5pm and 7:30pm
  • Sunday December 30:   Rob Sartain (One service at 10 am)

"What If"; by Rev. Peter Friedrichs for the December theme of "Mystery"

What if… 
Earth’s orbit was
three degrees different,
and the glaciers had never
pulled back to the poles, or
A billion years later,
a small band of nomads 
hadn’t made its way west 
to what we now know as France 
carrying fire and wine, or
My grandfather four 
generations back had died 
as a boy in an accident down 
at the sawmill, or my great-
grandmother Louise had 
succumbed at age six to the flu, or
My mother had married 
that guy she still fondly recalls
after 70 years, or my father
didn’t just “nearly” drown
when his canoe capsized at camp, or
I’d taken that job in New York 
instead of the one in D.C., 
or I didn’t land the client 
who flew me to Boston 
to close that big deal, or
I hadn’t overslept my alarm 
and rushed out without my umbrella, 
or that storm didn’t hit when it did
so that I had to duck into the Starbucks
to get out of the rain,
and I’d never met you?

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