Maintain Enthusiasm And Build Momentum

by Mardys Leeper
Justice and Outreach Ministry Team Leader

After January’s Martin Luther King Jr. march for racial justice, fair minimum wage and good schools, I feel motivated and excited. In Philadelphia’s largest protest march in recent memory, there were people of all colors, faiths and abilities. There were young, old and in-between. People marched to the beat of drummers, sang to the songs of others and were polite, positive and determined.

Now, what do we do with all this energy? Even if you were not one of the nine people from our church who marched (including Rev. Peter), you can be counted as one of the people who will work for change in the upcoming months and years.

You can watch for leadership from Dan Miyake’s action group spurred by reading The New Jim Crow. Perhaps you will read the book yourself. Events in Ferguson, Mo., and New York remind us that we truly are not living in a post-racial era, and much work remains to be done.

You can join Rev. Peter, Bill Henderson and Carol Seeley as they volunteer at Chester Eastside. Watch as we share the plate this spring for a variety of projects there, and give as you are able. 

You can join Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network (UUPLAN) and work with me to change laws that tilt Pennsylvania’s assets unfairly toward the wealthy. Phone calls, letters, UUPLAN membership — all keep pushing our state in the direction of justice.

You can explore options to work with Elek Fenyes as a volunteer for Thresholds. Helping prisoners turn their lives around is a way to transform society one person at a time. We cannot remove all of the damage caused by the unjust fast track from underfunded schools to prison, but we can find ways to help repair some of it and prevent it from happening in the future.

There are many projects available through our church to bend that arc of the universe toward justice. There are many projects outside of the church that do the same. Share your positive stories of social action with other people. Ask them to join you, and do not forget to invite the children. In this way we can expand the circles of people of all ages who are creating justice. Yes, working together we can move a mountain.

From February 2015 Focus
Photo by Dennis Leeper