Next Sunday, Events and Rev. Peter's Poem for January

January, 20:  "The Crisis at the Border"

In recognition of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Rev. Peter will tell us about the mass action of civil disobedience he participated in at the US/Mexico border last month. He will also share some of his experiences working with asylum-seekers in Tijuana. These multigenerational services (at 9:30 and 11:15)  will include a slideshow from Rev. Peter's trip and music by the UUCDC Choir, as we consider migration as a basic human right. All ages are welcome at both services.

Mark your calendars for Jan 26 at 6:00 pm and Sign-up for the Annual ChiliChocolate, Home Brew Challenge!

The Eleventh Annual ChiliChocolate, Home Brew Challenge is coming your way.  Read all about it and register here.  We look forward to your support!  

"Possibility"; by Rev. Peter Friedrichs, the theme for January

The acorn scoffs
at the notion that it 
is the source of the mighty oak.
“Ridiculous,” replies the raindrop,
as it falls and joins its kin,
upon hearing rumors of how
the Grand Canyon came to be.
The marble block does not
believe its eyes when shown
a picture of The Pieta,
nor the musical note its ears
when it hears The Eroica, and 
every love song ever written.
A stone does not see itself
as the foundation on which the
great cathedral rests.
A leaf cannot conceive that 
it breathes for all the world.
What would happen, 
I wonder, if we stopped
thinking ourselves 
so small?

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