Rev. Peter's Poem for April and What's Happening

Our month long Spiritual Theme for April is "Wholeness"

"I Do Not Know" by Rev. Peter Friedrichs is our poem for April

I do not know who God is.
But from the moment of my birth
I have been deeply loved
and never alone.
I don’t know what Prayer is.
But I have heard the birds 
of a meadow morning
sing their praises to the day.
I don’t know what Sin is.
But I have passed by the homeless,
their hands outstretched,
and pretended not to notice.
I don’t know what Grace is.
But I have been forgiven
for things I’ve done,
without excuse, without deserving.
I do not know what Death is.
But I have been washed away
on a sea of depression,
nearly beyond my saving.
I don’t know what Hell is.
But I have held the hands 
of parents as their child
lay dying of cancer.
I don’t know what Faith is.
But I try each day
to notice things, to name them
and give thanks.
I do not know what Life is.
But I am writing these words
on a cool spring morning
with my face turned toward the sun.

This Sunday: "Expanding the Circle"; Rev. Peter Friedrichs

At the same time that being part of a community helps us to be whole, we all need to work to ensure the wholeness of the community itself by always expanding the circle of inclusion. This Sunday Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Sharon Fichthorn will offer a service that brings transgender- and queer-identified voices to the center and that asks us to reflect on the wholeness of the UUCDC community.

Our Share-the-Plate recipient for April is Prysm Youth Center of Delaware County. The Prysm Youth Center of Delaware County provides lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex youth, and their straight allies with a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment where they can't regularly meet. You can also donate by texting your donation amount to 610-756-8883. You'll receive instructions in order to complete the transaction.

Family friendly Seder will be held Saturday, April 27 from 5 – 7:30 pm.

 Click here to learn more about how you can participant in this traditional Passover celebration.

New updated information on the UUCDC Capital Campaign!  Learn all about it by clicking here.