This Sunday and Rev. Peter's November Poem

Sunday, Nov. 18: "Thanksgiving Service!"

Join us this Sunday for our annual celebration of Thanksgiving. At both the 9:30 and 11:15 services we'll remember some of the things that have brought our community to where it is today and we'll enjoy our traditional Pumpkin Bread and Cider Communion. 

Please note that, on November 25, there will be one service at 10am. Religious Education programming will resume on December 2nd.

"Tatters"; by Rev. Peter Friedrichs for the November theme of "Memory"

I imagine my mother, 
auburn hair askew, 
swaddling her wedding dress 
like an infant and, with self-same care, 
easing it into the steamer trunk 
that I pulled today from the attic eaves, 
like Jesus, resurrected 
three days beyond her death.
She was the last to leave the party then,  
as now, all witnesses extinct. 
This artifact, the lone trace element  
left behind from all her carbon-dating. 
Countless times she shared 
the story of that auspicious day. 
But what remains for me is more 
the telling than the tale. 
The brittle threads that hold her close 
crumble at my touch. 
It’s all just sugar sifting 
through my fingers:  
Sweet, but impossible to hold.  

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