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This Sunday July 21 at 10 am : "Good-ish"; Antonia Bell-Delgado

Be good. That has been the sage advice that parents have passed down to children for generations. Is being a good person the gold standard? Do we have it all wrong? This Sunday, we will explore the merits of being good.

Antonia Bell-Delgado is a second-year seminarian at Meadville Lombard Theological School. Antonia is an Aspirant for Ministry in the Unitarian Universalist Association. Xe is also a Learning Fellow at the Church of the Larger Fellowship and an Intern Chaplain at Paoli Hospital. In the fall, Antonia will be the Intern Minister at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair, New Jersey. Antonia’s home congregation is First Unitarian Church of Wilmington, De. Xe is one of their sponsored seminarians. Antonia is a genderqueer person whose pronouns are Xe (ze) and Xyr (zer).  Xe is married to xyr wife, Carmen and has two children, Kerri and Everett. Xe has one grandchild Yamariz (Yah-Mar-Eez).

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