The Advocacy Action Group's mission is to organize for influence on issues of social injustice, including legislative lobbying and campaigning at the local, state, national and international levels. 

Move to Amend for Free and Fair Democracy

This project involves events and activities that further the long-term goal of amending the U.S. Constitution to expand democracy, ensure free and fair elections, and return power to We the People by curbing the ability of corporations, big money and special interests to dominate our political process. Read more here. Contact Neil Goldstein.

Environmental Justice

Several years ago, we voted to become a Green Sanctuary. Then we patted ourselves on the back and did nothing. We may drive a Prius, but what do we do collectively to preserve Mother Earth? Do we put our recycling containers next to our refreshment tables or do they linger, largely unused, in the coat room? Do we carpool to church? When we envision church expansion, do we build sustainability into our energy plan? If you are interested in living in harmony with the rhythms of nature, as our purposes and principles suggest, we need you to help us turn green. Contact Bob Redfern

Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network (UUPLAN)

UUPLAN brings UU Values and principles to Harrisburg with emphasis on democracy, free and fair elections, living wages, healthcare, environmental sustainability, gender issues, education and race. More information about UUPLAN's initiative in this area can be found in the link above.

We would like to see more people get involved in all areas of UUPLAN. Give some thought to joining in!

Contact Bill Clinton (UUPLAN liason for UUCDC) or the UUPLAN justice team as follows: