1-Growth Through Service Team Member

The vibrant GTS team is looking for additional members to join us to have conversations with members and assist them in finding meaningful service opportunities.

Detailed Description: 
The GTS team will have several responsibilities that can be divided into several types of activities: - Personal Planning discussions with congregation members - Work with Committee Chairs to develop Service Descriptions - Support member matching to service descriptions - Develop Annual Leadership Development Plan - Perform periodic reports & analysis to measure program success - Communicate progress and success stories to fuel continual growth The GTS team will use the Personal Development Plans and Service Descriptions to create an annual plan for developing our leaders that identifies necessary leadership training necessary and members to participate in the training.
Service Term: 
2 years
This opportunity will enable you to: 

Gain an in-depth knowledge of how the church works as you have the ability to touch and to be touched by every member of the congregation. Make a significant impact on the UUCDC as we improve how we bring to our members service opportunities that are fulfilling, feed our passion, and grow our souls. Our members will then joyfully serve, gaining a deeper connection to our faith and our church. These roles will allow you to work side by side with other leaders and will bring you new or expanded skills including leadership, motivational interviewing, and technical skills. Training in this role will help you be more successful in your position, and may also be useful in your work and personal life.

Skills Needed: 
Ideal team should be made up of people with the following skills/experience: 1) Interviewing skills 2) How data enables good decision making 3) Data entry and report generation 4) UU district &/or national training
Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 
Training will be provided in interviewing techniques, leadership and volunteer development principles and technical skills to manage forms.
Contact Person: 
Laurie Cooke
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Position Open