1-Personnel Committee Member

We are searching for three church members to serve as the Personnel Committee of the church. The Committee will be responsible for supporting the Minister and the Executive Team in, among other things, ensuring compliance with Personnel policies, reviewing staff compensation and facilitating  conversations in the event of staff conflicts. See below for a more detailed description.

Detailed Description: 
The UUCDC Personnel Committee assists the Executive Team and the Minister in matters concerning policies and procedures and other employee-related issues for all employees of UUCDC. This involves: ** Writing and periodically reviewing and updating the Personnel Policy Manual (e.g., Section 2.2 of the UU Congregation: Policy Manual) for Executive Team approval. The Personnel Policy Manual should include hiring practices (including whether church members can be hired as employees), continuing education, insurance and other benefits, vacation leave, establishing an Accountable Reimbursement Plan for professional expenses, and a process for how employees shall be evaluated on a regular basis. ** Writing new job descriptions and periodically updating existing job descriptions. ** Setting salary structure and reviewing suggested salaries to ensure they meet the salary structure guidelines. -- Non-ministerial staff salaries - For non-ministerial staff, the Minister will submit salary recommendations to the Personnel Committee. -- Minister’s Salary - For the minister, the Personnel Committee will submit salary recommendations to the Board. ** Providing benefit management -- Review current benefits and any new benefit proposals annually and provide the Executive Team with cost and rationale information. -- Monitor benefits and ensure information on benefit cost changes is available to the Stewardship - Expenses Executive Team member in a timely fashion (e.g., UUA health insurance and dental insurance premium costs change in January). ** Ensuring the church is in compliance with federal and state laws regarding non-discrimination, payment of Social Security and other taxes, worker's compensation insurance, and safe working conditions. ** Ensuring staff evaluations are completed annually -- The Minister is responsible for non-ministerial staff reviews -- The Board is responsible for the ministerial review. ** Acting as a grievance committee for non-ministerial staff concerns following the process outlined in Section G. “Resolution of Employee Complaints” of the Personnel Policy manual (The Personnel Policy Manual is Section 2.2 of the UU Congregation: Policy Manual.) ** Supporting the Board and Staff with personnel related tasks, questions and concerns as mutually agreed upon.
Service Term: 
2 years
This opportunity will enable you to: 

Support the paid staff of the church; develop relationships with paid staff and volunteer leadership of the church; gain a facility in personnel matters applicable to nonprofit and for-profit settings; work as a team to develop policies and procedures vital to the operation of the church

Skills Needed: 
Cooperative and collaborative work style; attention to detail; knowledge of personnel and/or compensation structures helpful but not essential; interpersonal skills; facilitation/mediation skills
Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 
Members of the Executive Team and the Board will be available to support members of the Personnel Committee in developing new policies and procedures and in ongoing efforts to support our paid staff
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