Continuous Opening: One-Time Event Support Team Member

Willing to support a single event. Event leader will reach out to you. Duties are varied and may include event set up/tear down, ushering, ticketing, baking and more.

Detailed Description: 
No meetings or long-term commitments! UUCDC often has one time activities including fund raisers and educational events. You will be contacted when there is a particular need and then you can decide if the time, date and task works for you.
Service Term: 
As needed
This opportunity will enable you to: 

Make friends, learn about church activities, and support important work when it fits with your schedule. Sometimes you get free admission to cool entertainment events.

Skills Needed: 
Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 
There are always people at the event who can share information on what needs to be done.
Contact Person: 
Marylin Huff
Contact Person Email:
Ministry Team: 
# of positions available: 
Position Open