Share the Plate Coordinator

The Share The Plate (STP) Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the STP program including soliciting nominations, vetting nominations, coordinating approvals, publicizing STP, and communicating with recipients.

Detailed Description: 
The Share The Plate (STP) Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the STP program. This includes: - Soliciting nominations - in coordination with the current SJO Executive Team member, the Coordinator solicites STP nominations from church members. - Vetting STP nominations - the Coordinator vets all nominations by reviewing the nomination forms and ensuring that the organization supports our Hope & Dream of “Participating in communities of resistance to fight racism and other forms of oppression.” - Coordinating approvals - the STP Coordinator brings all vetted groups to the SJO Council for approval. In the event that the SJO Council will not be meeting in time to approve the nominations, the Coordinator will work with the SJO Exec Team member so the Exec Team can approve or disapprove of the nominations. - Publicizing STP - the Coordinator writes articles for the Digest, Focus Express, and other outlets to instruct members on how to nominate recipients. The Coordinator also writes a description of each STP recipient for the Digest and the Order of Service. - Communicating with recipients - the STP Coordinator notifies the organization and is responsible for all contact with the organization.
Service Term: 
2 years
This opportunity will enable you to: 

Learn about community groups engaged in social justice work and contribute to UUCDC's efforts to live out our UU principles. Get involved with the SJO Council. Gain experience writing and with publicizing information about recipients.

Skills Needed: 
Organizational skills, writing skills, communication with partner organizations.
Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 
The SJO Exec Team member and SJO Communications Coordinator will provide any needed training and support.
Contact Person: 
Susan Rubinstein
Contact Person Email:
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# of positions available: 
Position Open