Thresholds Liaison to UUCDC

The liaison role serves as the link between UUCDC and the Delaware County Thresholds program finding volunteers from our church and representing the Thresholds program to our congregation.

Detailed Description: 
Thresholds is a nonprofit organization founded in 1975 that teaches a six-step decision-making course to interested inmates in Delaware County, PA. The program -- which was started by UUCDC members -- operates at 3 locations in Delaware County with two adult prisons and a youth center. This is a vibrant program with close to 90 volunteers across Delaware County working with Thresholds' inmates. UUCDC has played a key leadership role over the years with Elek Feynes serving 3 years as the Program Coordinator and UUCDC member, Fran Battista, coordinates the women’s program for Thresholds. We have created a new position - "Thresholds liaison to UUCDC" - to sustain the connection between Thresholds and UUCDC. The liaison would help Thresholds recruit volunteers from UUCDC to work with inmates and support new Program Coordinator with tasks and projects that arise and serve as the face of Thresholds at our church.
Service Term: 
2 years
This opportunity will enable you to: 

... live out the vision of our UUCDC community by acting boldly to strive for justice.  Mass incarceration is a key justice issue across the nation and within Delaware County.  You will have the unique opportunity to work with a group of dedicated volunteers whose mission is teaching decision-making skills to incarcerated individuals, empowering them to return to society as responsible members

Skills Needed: 
Organization, communication, and ability to travel to the sites.
Training, assistance, and safety requirements: 
Elek and Fran are available to help orient and train the new person.
Contact Person: 
Elek Fenyes
Contact Person Email:
Ministry Team: 
# of positions available: 
Position Open