Announcing the 2019 Annual Fund Drive and the Inaugural Event

Welcome to the 2019 Annual Fund Drive. This year’s theme is YOU BELONG.  Please reserve Saturday evening, Feb. 23, from 5:30 to 9 for the gala kickoff event.  More information will be forthcoming.
We're introducing your fellow congregants who will be leading the campaign (some are serving double duty).
From the Stewardship Committee:
Bill Clinton, Chair
Lori Rice-Spring, Chair
Becky Stanford
Brandi Ernst
Chris Jackson
John Jurceka
Bryan Boosz
Jenny Davis
Penny Bartlett
Chris Hagendorf
Rina Jurceka
From the Rally Team (communications, publicity, cheerleading)
Mark Bernstein
Jean Wallace
Jenn Oglesbee
Becky Stanford
Sue Redfern
Brandi Ernst
Todd Johnson
Rachel Ammon
Our goal is to create an inspiring, inclusive and successful process that will continue and expand the work of the wonderful congregation that we all proudly belong to. You’ll hear from us throughout the campaign.