Chili, Chocolate, Home Brew Challenge Receives Rave Reviews

By Irene Friedrichs
What a wonderful evening at the 11th Annual Chili, Chocolate, Home Brew Challenge on Jan. 26! We had such a variety of creations that several longtime attendees said it was the most delicious challenge to date. Not only that, it raised $3,300 for the church.
The winners:
Kate Ramos, first place
Liz Hocker, second place
Jolee Bell, third place
Adam, Alaina, Alex and Arik Swift, first place in Junior category
Amy Jackson, first 
Cheryl Schlenker, second 
Jeff LaBonde, third
Home Brew
Derrick Schweitzer, first
Joe Miller, second
Eric Hartline, third
Congratulations to the winners and the other entrants.
We are grateful to the Media businesses that donated wonderful door prizes.
The Challenge organizers — Penny Bartlett, Irene Friedrichs, Kelli Schweitzer and Janet Boosz — thank all those who generously donated their time and skills, as well as the participants who spent so much time preparing the delicious entrees. The organizers specifically thank:

  • The youth groups (YUUCKIs [Young Unitarian Universalists Combined for Knowledge and Interest] and Coming of Age)
  • The bakers, who helped with cornbread
  • The salad makers
  • The set-up volunteers, who showed up early Saturday morning to make quick work of putting it all together
  • Owen Schweitzer, for knowing just how to do it all and getting right to it
  • The volunteers who staffed the ticket and drink tables
  • The judges
  • The spouses who aided in all facets of the event
  • All those who came and had a great time!