Frequently Asked Questions


When are Sunday worship services? Two morning services are held at 9:30 and 11:15. During the summer, a single service is held at 10 AM. 

Where do we park? Visitors spaces are reserved for you in our parking lot in front of the main entrance at 145 Rose Tree Rd in Media, PA. If you need to drop off someone with mobility issues in the front circle, please do!

Where do we put our coats? As you enter the building, there’s a coat closet just up a few steps in the upper foyer on the left.

What should I wear? Wear what is comfortable for you. Some people wear nice casual clothes. Some are happier wearing jeans. A few folks like to wear suits and ties. You will be welcome wearing whatever you like.

Where should I sit? Wherever you like! But if you’re having trouble finding a spot, an usher can help you. Armchairs are available for those with physical challenges.

Where are the restrooms? The larger restrooms are down a few steps from the main entrance as you enter the building, on either side of the rear exit. There is also gender neutral restroom adjacent to Fellowship Hall. Turn left at the top of the stairs in the upper foyer and left again at the entrance to Fellowship Hall and proceed to the end of the hall. 

I don’t want to stand up or be introduced. Is that OK? Certainly! There will be a portion of the service where the entire congregation stands and greets those nearby. Rest assured you will be welcomed warmly.

How long does the service last? It varies; usually a little more than an hour.

What can we expect during and after the service? Please see our What Happens on Sunday section under Worship. We hope you will join us for coffee in Fellowship Hall after a service, so we can greet you and answer any questions you have.

Do I have to wear a name tag? No, it’s optional. It allows us to welcome you, but if you prefer to be anonymous at first, that’s fine!

What do the different name tag colors mean? White name tags are for official members or friends of UUCDC who have attended for some time. Yellow tags are for first-time visitors or newcomers who have been attending recently.

How do I find the church offices? Go up a few steps as you enter the building and turn right to our Administrator's office. Our minister and Director of Religious Education have offices nearby. If you need to use the elevator in the entrance lobby, close the door when inside and push and hold the button for Level III.

Is the church accessible to people with disabilities? We have a number of facilities and programs designed to help persons who have special needs. Our aim is to meet the needs of persons with ambulatory problems, those who are sight and hearing impaired, and others, as well. Follow this link to learn more about accessibility at UUCDC.



Is there Sunday School during church? Our church school offers Religious Education classes for Preschool through 12th grade. On Sundays during the 9:30 service, pre-K to grade 7 children attend church with their families in the sanctuary before going to classes. Two trained volunteer teachers are in every classroom. No Religious Education classes are offered during the 11:15 service, however the nursery adjacent to Fellowship Hall is available for infants and children 5 or under. Our senior high youth group, the YUUCKIs, and Coming of Age class meet on Sunday at varying times and are listed in the church calendar. Guest children and youth are welcome in the nurserym all RE classes and YUUCKI meetings.

If my child doesn't separate well, can she or he stay with me in the service? Of course! Although we hope that your child will want to participate in age-appropriate group activities and children's chapel, they are always welcome in our services. You are also welcome to join your child in his or her classroom.

Where are the children's Religious Education (RE) classrooms? Go down a few steps directly on your left as your enter the building to the lower level. The chapel and 2 classrooms are to the right, other classrooms are on the left in the Rose Tree Day School space.

Where is the nursery? Free child care by trained providers during Sunday services is available in the nursery at the end of the hall to the right of Fellowship Hall. Turn left in the upstairs foyer and turn right down the hall.

Will some one come and get me if my child needs me in Sunday School classes? Absolutely.

What happens after the service? Where will my child be? RE classes end at 10:45 AM or after the service is over, whichever is later. We ask that all parents head to the RE floor to connect with their children after the service.

What if my baby wants to stay with me? Absolutely OK. There is also a rocking chair at the back of the sanctuary if you feel the need to quiet your child. Or you can listen to the service via a speaker in the Youth Room opposite the sanctuary. Changing tables are available in the lower level restrooms.

How do I find out what is happening with Religious Education ? The best way is to formally register your child in our program. We ask that children be registered after their third visit.



How do I join? Are you a Unitarian Universalist newly located in our area? Or are you thinking you are really a Unitarian Universalist in spirit and would like to make this your church home? We welcome you to our congregation to come as a friend of our church as long as you need to, and when you are ready, take the Pathway to Membership.

How much does it cost to be a member here? There is no set amount. We ask everyone to support the church according to their financial ability. You’ll learn more about this during orientation and membership classes.

How can I find something to read about Unitarian Universalism? We have a selection of brochures at our Welcome table in the downstairs foyer inside the main entrance. The Unitarian Universalism page has additional information. We also have a lending library opposite the lower level Chapel with books on aspects of our faith. We can direct you to the library, where you’ll find a simple checkout system.

How do I get connected at UUCDC? There are several ways. One is to check our website, contact the church office or call (610) 566-4853. Another is to fill out a visitor's card at the Welcome Desk. You can read FocusFeed online news. Both sources contain news about events and interest groups.

All welcome!