Growth Through Service (GTS)

The more I am involved in the workings of the church, the more I learn about Unitarian Universalism and reconfirm my faith.  -Donna Harris

How the GTS program works:

Service is a cornerstone of Unitarian Universalist identity, and of UUCDC membership. Through service, not only do we play our part in healing our broken world, but we also find the opportunity to grow our own faith and spirituality, and to enhance our relationships with others.  

The Growth through Service (GTS) program enables UUCDC to better bring service opportunities to you, our members, that are fulfilling, feed your passion, and grow your soul. We hope you can joyfully serve, gaining a deeper connection to your faith and our church.  

  1. Attend a Conversation with a GTS team member, one-to-one, as a couple or with a group, to explore your spiritual journey and the role of service in your life. 
  2. Consider service opportunities that match your interests, skills and available time, using the Open Service Opportunities online list or suggestions by the GTS team.
  3. Take on an exciting service opportunity helping others, for personal and spiritual growth and share our experiences with the GTS team.

    Questions? Contact GTS Coordinator at

Want to offer a service opportunity?

Fill out the online form to have it posted on the list of service opportunities.

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Statement of Theological Grounding:
As Unitarian Universalists, we live out our faith through our service to others. True spiritual growth, in ourselves and in our congregation often arises through our connectedness with others and through serving a higher purpose that is greater than our own individual needs.