Rev. Peter's Poem "Welcome", our monthly theme


I welcome you…
The way the soil opens itself to rain,
and leaves absorb sunlight, 
exchanging it for breath.
As a bird spreads its wings to 
a rising current of air, sure it will be lifted,
and as the moon partners with the sun,
seeking only to reflect its brilliance.
The way a mother extends her arms to 
receive her newborn,
and the stars, pulsing with delight, 
receive us in the end.
As the glove receives the hand,
and the heart, though broken, love.
I welcome you.


Starting Sept. 17, there will be two services, one at 9:30 and one at 11:15 am. 
(Click "read more" for Rev. Peter's in depth reflections on his recent sabbatical.)

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