Rev. Peter's Poem for May and What's Happening

Our month long Spiritual Theme for May is "Curiosity"

"The Quest" by Rev. Peter Friedrichs is our poem for May 

(Rev. Peter is working on a series of poems for children that help to illustrate the 7 Principles of Unitarian Universalism. This poem is based on our Fourth Principle, which states that Unitarian Universalism affirms and promotes "the free and responsible search for truth and meaning.")
I lay in my bed in the dark of the night
and wonder about who’s wrong and who’s right.
And who made the rules by which we are bound
I know that, for eons, they’ve been around.
I just have so many questions to ask.
Like where did we come from, and what is our task?
And where do we go when we’re finally done?
Is there something beyond the red setting sun?
Some world’s religions tell us to believe
In fantastical gardens and Adam and Eve.
Other faiths tell us the whole world was born
on the back of a turtle that bright birthday morn.
There are books on the shelf that claim to know all
From just how we got here, and what brought The Fall.
Shamans and Imams, poets and priests
Ascetics who fast and saints whom we feast.
Were we human beings made whole out of clay?
Did we come from the sea? Am I part manta ray?
Did the earth and the stars start with a bang?
Or were they created when God’s angels sang?
I ponder these things, then ponder them more.
Google can’t help me, so I need to explore.
To embark on a journey, a kind of a quest
To discover each theory and find which fits best.
Which ones will sustain me when I feel alone,
Or when I am traveling far, far from home.
This is our task, our duty, our goal:
To join in this journey, so epic and bold.
Nobody knows all the answers, it’s true.
That’s why it’s for me and why it’s for you
To search out the knowledge and theories and such
that help us be better, make us reach out and touch.
Come on this journey, we’ll head out together!
We’ll seek and explore in good and bad weather.
I’ll learn things from you, and you’ll learn them from me
And the best part of all? It’s totally free!
We’ll find our beliefs that lead us to give
That show us the path, teach us right ways to live.
We don’t need the truth with a capital “T.”
Just something that works for you and for me.

This Sunday May 26: "What Are You Wondering"; One Service at 10:00 am

As we conclude our month-long examination of "Curiosity," Rev. Peter is wondering what you're wondering about. This Sunday will be a chance for you to ask him your questions and for all of us to wonder together. You can bring a question with you, written on an index card or a piece of paper, or you can submit your questions in advance by email to  If you're curious or questioning, come join us on a journey of exploration!  The UUCDC Choir will offer the gift of their music, and Ed Mathis will serve as worship associate.

Our Share-the-Plate recipient for May is Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy.  This group of concerned residents in Delaware County is working to achieve safe communities by preventing gun violence. You can also donate by texting your donation amount to 610-756-8883. You'll receive instructions in order to complete the transaction.

Updated information and new FAQs on the UUCDC Capital Campaign Webpage!  Learn all about it by clicking here.


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