Rev. Peter's Poem for March and What's Happening

Our month long Spiritual Theme for March is "Journey"

"The River" by Rev. Peter Friedrichs is our poem for March

All your life, a river has run
past your door.
You’ve chosen, finally,
to enter its flow.
The raft you’ve built is sound
and well-provisioned.
The paddle’s grip 
fits firmly in your hand.
Now, all that’s left to do 
is to push off 
from the safety of the shore.

This Sunday: Spring Special Music Service; Bob Rowland and the UUCDC Choir

This Sunday, as we conclude this month's exploration of the Journey theme: we reflect on it through poetry and in our Spring Special Music Service. This service, presented free of spoken commentary, thus allows the worshiper to experience and process these offerings in their own way. Musical selections are represent a diversity of musical and faith traditions and are presented in a variety of formats. The UUCDC Choir will feature solos, separate soprano-alto and tenor-bass ensembles, as well as mixed choir pieces; both accompanied and a cappella. Come to both reflect and refresh yourself for the journey ahead!

Mark your calendars to save the date!

Family friendly Seder will be held Saturday, April 27 from 5 – 7:30 pm.  Watch for more information about this traditional Passover celebration here, in the Digest and the Focus Feed.

The UUCDC Capital Campaign is underway!  Learn all about it by clicking here.


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