Pathway to Membership

Becoming a member of UUCDC means that you are making a commitment, both to our congregation and to Unitarian Universalism. Because our congregation operates independent of any central authority, members set the course for the congregation and make decisions affecting everything from the selection of its minister to how we spend our money.

We require prospective members to participate in a 4-hour program called “UU101.” *  This is also a great way to get to know more about Unitarian Universalism and our congregation, even if you’re not prepared to become a member! UU101 is offered twice each year on four successive Sundays following the 11:15 service. Child care and lunch are provided at no cost.

At UU101 you’ll learn more about our faith, its deep history, and about how our congregation operates. You’ll also learn about the four expectations of membership:

  • To attend Sunday worship services on a regular basis
  • To take your own spiritual growth seriously by engaging in spiritual practices and participating in adult faith development programs
  • To make a financial commitment to support the congregation’s operating budget
  • To serve the world. This can take a variety of forms and includes service both within the congregation and in the wider community

Once you’ve participated in UU101, you’re eligible to become a member of UUCDC at any time you choose. All you need to do is set up an appointment with the minister to sign our membership book.

*If you have previously been a member of another Unitarian Universalist congregation, we ask you to attend at least the last session of UU101, which focuses on how we do things at UUCDC and how to get involved.  Although you may find the earlier sessions of UU101 valuable, we assume you are familiar with much of their content.

"I found Rev. Peter's mini-course informative and fun, and a wonderful way to meet other prospective members. Our class became new church friends and supportive of all the ways we've found to be involved at UUCDC."    - Joan Karasick, UU101 participant