Policy Governance

Policy Governance is a form of church management that aims to empower more members to become actively involved as leaders in church affairs, while freeing up the Board to focus on policymaking and oversight. Under Policy Governance, the Board of Trustees focuses on articulating the church’s vision and goals, while the staff and other church leaders have more freedom in making day-to-day decisions. The Board delegates the implementation and administration of policy, vision and direction to our Lead Minister.

  • Ends Statements are the long-term goals that UUCDC is working to achieve.
  • Executive Limitations: Under Policy Governance, the Board does not tell the Lead Minister how to do his or her job, but rather sets boundaries, called Executive Limitations. These limits are the boundaries—what’s unacceptable—and allow the Minister to design their work with freedom within those boundaries.
  • Governance Process
  • Bylaws
  • Board Staff Linkage


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