Rites of Passage

Child Dedication and Naming Ceremonies

In all parts of the earth, and from the earliest days of our history, parents have brought their young children to places of worship, to share their joy and dedication with those in the wider community.

So begins a typical ceremony of naming and dedication for the youngest members of our church community. Though not a requirement of membership, many families choose to participate in this simple ritual in which their child is recognized - first, as an individual of beauty and worth, with a unique name and identity; and second, as a cherished part of the community, whose members dedicate themselves to the child's nurture and support.

Services of naming and dedication can take place as part of a regular Sunday worship service, or in a private ceremony for family and friends held at another time. In either case, parents work with the minister to help create a ceremony that is both traditional and particularly suited to their child and family. For more information, please contact our minister.


Coming of Age Program

The Coming of Age Program at UUCDC offers 8th and 9th grade youth a structured atmosphere in which to explore significant issues at this transitional stage of life and provides them with a modern Rite of Passage experience that welcomes and affirms them as they embark on their new journey towards young adulthood. The individual and group activities provide a full range of experiences that are fun, thought provoking, social, and (yes) even educational. Learn more about our Coming of Age program.


Marriage Ceremonies

Many couples choose to be married by a Unitarian Universalist minister, as a way of honoring the different religious traditions of their families. There are no creedal limitations or required classes for those who consecrate their unions in our tradition - but we do want to get to know you beforehand. Couples meet with the minister at least twice in the months leading up to their wedding, and participate in planning a ceremony that reflects their unique partnership and dreams for the future. There is a fee for the minister's services (for non-church members), but there is no charge or obligation for an initial meeting. For more information, please contact our minister.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County is glad to host ceremonies for both heterosexual and same-sex couples. As a welcoming congregation we seek to celebrate and support the lives and the relationships of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and heterosexual members and community friends.

Our lovely sanctuary, with its many windows looking out at woods and gardens, is a wonderful place for a wedding. The room will seat up to 200 people. Our Special Events Coordinator will answer your questions ahead of time, and be on hand to assist you and your guests on the day of your wedding. Please call or contact our church office for information on rental fees and available dates.


Death and Memorial Services

Sometimes non-members ask to hold a funeral or memorial service for a loved one in our sanctuary rather than a funeral home. In such cases our minister works with the family to create a service that reflects their wishes and honors the memory of the person who has died. There are fees for the minister's services and rental of one or more rooms in the building. For more information, contact the church office.

Our Memorial Garden was created for interring or memorializing members and friends of UUCDC. It also serves as a quiet place for contemplation and meditation. To purchase space in the garden, please contact the church office.