Our Ministry Teams

Where is your heart leading you?


Your heart and your spirit have led you to our community. You are stimulated and moved by our Sunday services. You’ve met wonderful people. Maybe you’ve participated in some events and activities here at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County. And now you’re looking for something more. Something that will take you deeper. Something that speaks to a need unfulfilled.

Our Unitarian Universalist heritage calls us to serve each other within our own community and to serve the needs of the larger world. We are all part of the interdependent web of existence, and we have a responsibility to help maintain and sustain it. And when we do, we also sustain ourselves. By ministering to others we care for ourselves, and in serving we find our deepest longings met. Rev. Peter has said “Through service we not only make a valuable contribution in the lives of others, but we ourselves learn, grow and find fulfillment.”

Our faith calls us to seek justice, love and compassion in all our relationships. It also calls us to pursue our passions as we seek to minister to a hurting world. The preacher Howard Thurman once said "Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." We invite you to consider what ministries make you “come alive,” and to become a part of the Ministry Team that will support you as you pursue your passion.

Where is your heart leading you?

Spiritual Growth and Enrichment

The Spiritual Growth and Enrichment Ministry Team works to provide opportunities for each member to find and follow his/her own spiritual path. It supports personal exploration and promotes the development of relationships with others. It develops programming and activities that enrich, sustain and inspire members spiritually in a holistic manner. This includes music programming, congregational worship services, supporting the children’s, youth and adult religious education programs and other enrichment activities related to spiritual growth.

Membership Engagement

The ministry of our Membership Team focuses on strengthening and building our community and welcoming others into our congregation. It celebrates and encourages our congregation's growth and diversity and offers hospitality to all who share our dreams and values. The Membership Ministry Team encourages interaction and participation among church members. It includes the Sunday Morning Hospitality Team, Communications, UU101 classes for new members, as well as other interest and activity groups that help us bond together as a community. We're interested in improving our faith community for everyone.

Justice and Outreach

The Justice Ministry Team works to mobilize the energies of our congregation and the broader community to eliminate oppression and create a just and compassionate world. Our ministry seeks to address the basic concerns of those in need and to work to change the institutions that enable oppression, injustice and prejudice. We seek to educate ourselves and others about the root causes of oppression and to create opportunities to make a difference collectively and in our daily lives on such issues as homelessness, economic justice, racism and the environment. Hunger Task Force, Move to Amend for Free and Fair Democracy, UUPlan, and Family Promise are several of the many active groups within the Justice Ministry Team.

Congregational Care

Ministering to one another is the central mission of the Congregational Care Ministry Team. We focus on fostering close relationships and meeting the spiritual and physical needs of our members in times of need. Within this team, the Caring Committee helps to ease burdens in times of crisis, by providing meals and rides and sending cards of condolence, support or congratulations. The Pastoral Care Team provides emotional and spiritual support to our members. The Soul Matters program provides an opportunity for members to meet in small groups to discuss questions of meaning and importance, to develop close personal relationships and to provide services to the church and the wider world. 


The Stewardship Ministry Team handles the "nuts and bolts'" of the church. Its formal aim is to effectively and cooperatively promote, preserve and enhance church resources. It handles issues related to church finances and financial planning, personnel, endowments and fund drives, building and grounds maintenance, and care and management of the Memorial Garden.

Join a Ministry Team!

There are several ways to join a Ministry Team. You can search our open service opportunities arranged by Ministry Team, contact a Growth Through Service Specialist, or contact the church office