About Us

Are you looking for a new faith community - a place where you can explore your individual religious questions both spiritually and intellectually, without creeds or dogma?

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County [UUCDC] brings together a wide diversity of beliefs and backgrounds sharing our religious journeys and honoring the differences we bring to our spiritual search. We're not all on the same path, nor do we expect to arrive at the same destination. We have chosen to live faithfully and honestly according to our most deeply held values and principles. UUCDC is a place where everyone's spirituality and individual beliefs are held sacred. If you are looking for a new faith community, we may be the community you're looking for!

Have you been longing for a religious home where you will be welcomed and included, regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation, age or family status?

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware (UUCDC) is a "Welcoming Congregation" that seeks to celebrate and support the lives, the relationships, and contributions of its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and heterosexual members and friends. We affirm and promote full participation of everyone in the life of our congregation and our church community. If you are longing for a peaceful and loving religious home, you may find it here with us.

Do you seek an outstanding church school program where your children and youth can have fun, ask questions openly and experience individual growth within a nurturing community?

We have a quality cooperative Religious Education Programming that continues to embrace and nourish our children, our youth and our adults. Together we work to build a better world by inspiring children and adults to follow the principles of our faith as they travel on their spiritual journeys. We encourage everyone to live their faith - offering opportunities to become involved in all aspects of church life and the community beyond. If you are looking for a church community where your family can explore life’s mysteries and celebrate together and be involved, you and your family will feel at home with us.

How can you tell whether UUCDC is the right place for you?

Visit us on a Sunday and attend a worship service in our beautiful, light-filled sanctuary. Bring your family with you. Be sure to stay and enjoy our Free Trade Coffee Hour and then ask a lot of questions, walk around our building and grounds, and pick up a handful of brochures and a newsletter. Visit with us several times and really get to know us. We may be the church you have been searching for all along. We look forward to meeting you!

Did you know UUCDC is a "Breakthrough Congregation"?

Rev. Peter recieved word from the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) that our church was selected as a "Breakthrough Congregation" for the 2015-2016 church year. UUCDC is only one of four congregations to be selected for this honor.  Rev. Peter said of the news; "This is a great honor for our congregation, and a recognition of how many things we're doing well as a community.  We have empowered our members to take risks and try new things and we have a top-flight staff to support them in everything they do."