Spirituality and Worship

Our Sunday morning worship services provide the central community experience for our members and friends. We understand “worship” in its broadest sense: a time to reconnect with those things that are most important and “of worth”  in our lives. Each Sunday morning we come together to connect with others and with questions of life's ultimate concerns.
Our services are respectful of our Judeo-Christian roots, but you will likely experience a variety of religious and ethical traditions as part of worship. We often have readings and music from a wide range of sources, including eastern spirituality, earth centered traditions, religious humanism, and inspiration found in great works of poetry and prose. We celebrate life not just through words, but through music, too. Our musical offerings are eclectic, drawing on sources old and new.
Each week the sermon seeks to inspire the heart and mind, and to explore what gives our lives meaning and substance. In our congregation it’s not just okay to question and challenge assumptions about truth and faith; it’s encouraged!
We have two Sunday morning worship services at 9:30 am and 11:15 am mid-September to mid-May, with a time for coffee and conversation after the services. Late spring/summer service is at 10 am. Check home page calendar for exact times. Attire for services is casual; dress as feels right for you.  We often joke that you can always tell who the minister is in our church because he’s the only one wearing a tie!