UUCDC Sermons

The Stockdale Paradox

(Video) Admiral Jim Stockdale survived intense punishment and suffering as a prisoner of war. He used that experience to improve his life.  How do we draw lessons from his journey for application in the living of our own lives?  In the realm of environmental and economic global crisis and in the realm of our own personal lives the Stockdale Paradox provides a formula for facing reality and making a better way. 

Rev. Kent Matthies has served as Minister of the Unitarian Society of Germantown since 2002. A life-long UU, Rev. Matthies received his Masters of Divinity from Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago. Kent's vision of ministry includes working for positive social change, giving pastoral care and meeting spiritual needs.

Rev. Kent Matthies

What I Learned on my Unitarian Universalist Association Vacation

(Video) Mark's journey as an employee of the Joseph Priestley District for the mid-Atlantic region has been both a fulfilling and a challenging one. In this sermon, he shares insights, ideas and inspiration culled from the last four years as a Growth Consultant for the Unitarian Universalist Association and relates his lessons learned to the life we have created at this church.

Mark Bernstein has been a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County for over 20 years. He is the Growth Consultant for the Central East Regional Group of the UUA which comprises more than 200 congregations over eight states and the District of Columbia.

Mark Bernstein

Hasta la Vista!

(Video) On this, the last Sunday before he leaves on his sabbatical, Rev. Peter shares his hopes and dreams for both himself and the congregation for the time we'll be apart. Celebrate our shared ministry with Rev. Peter!  

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

You Never Know: A Homily for Multigenerational Worship Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(Video) This Sunday we remember the work of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during our multigenerational service.  Through the story "The Boy Who Changed the World," we will see that one person can make a difference, but that we're never just one person acting alone (even if it feels that way sometimes).

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Let Go. Let God?

(Video) Following up on last Sunday's sermon, this Sunday Rev. Peter reflects on the idea of "surrender." What does it mean to surrender or to "let go" when we're facing a challenge?  How do we, as people who believe in our own capability and power, release our control over a given situation?  What's the difference between "letting go" and "giving up?"  When we let go, do we trust in God/the Universe/ Love to catch us?

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Facing Our Tigers

(Video) How do you face a challenge when you encounter it?  Do you try to avoid it and ignore it, hoping it will resolve itself?  Do you treat it as an enemy to be beaten?  Do you enlist the help of others or go it alone? Rev. Peter considers these and other questions shaped by the best-selling book and recent movie "Life of Pi."

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Follow a Star: a Christmas Eve Homily

Our 5 pm service is intended to be family friendly and features the UU pageant "Would You Like to Hold the Baby?".  The 8 pm service is more contemplative and the Christmas story is told with stories and carols.  Rev. Peter reflects on the meaning of the wise men's journey. UUCDC's fabulous chorus provides music at both services.   (No video or audio recording available)

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Touch the Earth

(Video) By this Sunday, the wheel will have turned and solstice will have passed.  We take time to celebrate the winter season, which often gets short shrift in our spirits.  How do we honor and respect this time of year? How might our spirits be filled by this time of quiet and rejuvenation? Let's celebrate winter's arrival instead of bemoaning it!

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

What Matters Most

(Video) Following the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, Rev. Peter reflects on what matters most in our lives. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Multigenerational Deck the Halls

(Video) "Deck the Halls" services are an annual tradition, a combination of worship and workshops. By the end of the services, the church is decorated for the holiday and we've shared some special time together.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs