UUCDC Sermons

The Wages of Sin

As we enter the season of the Jewish High Holidays, we spend this Sunday and next looking at concepts of sin and atonement. Does Unitarian Universalist theology allow for or incorporate the concept of sin? How would you define "sin?" Is this a useful concept in our lives?  Rev. Peter reflects on these topics.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Humankind Be Both

Festive kick-off to the new program year for our entire community (members and friends of all ages). Weather-permitting, we gather in the circle in front of the church, where the Chorus serenades us and special musicians summon us to attention. We then process as a community into our Sanctuary for our worship service. Bring a stone with you from your travels or your home so that we can bless it and use it during the year for sharing our Joys and Sorrows. Rev. Peter and our Director of Religious Education lead our worship.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

The Gospel According to Bruce

Rev. Peter has been a Bruce Springsteen fan for more than 30 years. Today, as he prepares to attend another Springsteen show, he offers his reflection on the spiritual messages embedded in The Boss's music. Hear about loss, suffering, redemption and the power of faith, hope, and love.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs