UUCDC Sermons

New Year's Eve Service

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Rev. Libby Smith

Christmas Eve Day: Multiple Services

Sunday Morning at 10:00 am: The Gospel According to "Mary"

Mary Oliver's poetry speaks deeply to our human experience and is often considered "scripture" in Unitarian Universalist churches. On this the morning of Christmas Eve, Rev. Peter offers a service celebrating the poetry of Mary Oliver. 

Sunday afternoon at 5:30: "Service of Stories and Songs"

We celebrate the holiday, taking us on a journey from the secular to the sacred sure to be enjoyed by children of all ages. 

Sunday evening at 7:00: "Service of Lessons and Carols"

A traditional candlelight service.

The sermon text and audio are unavailable for these services.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Peace of the Season

As we rush headlong toward the Christmas holiday, with all its pressures and demands, this Sunday Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Rob Sartain help to remind us that "the reason for the season" is the rediscovery of peace. Come enjoy a peaceful service to start off your week before the holiday. 

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Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Hope for the Holidays

This Sunday is our annual "Deck the Halls" services. The festive and unique tradition helps us all prepare to celebrate the holiday season. Each service includes holiday workshops from cookie-decorating to "greening" the church building to singing in the pick-up choir. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

I Need a Miracle (Every Day)

"I Need a Miracle (Every Day)"

This Sunday we begin an exploration of December's monthly spiritual theme of "Hope." Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Josie Cressler reflect on how we nurture and cultivate hope in our personal lives and in our community, and on the question of what sustains us in times that feel hopeless. With the approach of Christmas, how does the promise of a savior help to maintain hope? 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Andrew Weber

The call to serve others is at the heart of our faith. And when we have more than we need, it's easy to answer that call to serve.  But when our own lives don't feel so abundant, it may be harder to remember that serving others also helps ourselves. 

There is only audio available for this sermon.  Please listen!

Rev. Libby Smith

Growing Good

This Sunday we held our annual Thanksgiving service. Through story, song and our traditional Pumpkin Bread and Cider Communion, we celebrate the abundance of the season.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs and DRE Chrissy Bushyager

What’s in Your Cornucopia?

Does your cup runneth over? In this traditional time of harvest and thanksgiving, we are called to count our blessings. As we continue our exploration of this month's spiritual theme of "Abundance," Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Norma Lewis share their reflections on the nature and sources of abundance in their lives. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Plain Vanilla is Boring

This week we examine the monthly spiritual theme for November, which is "Abundance." Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Nathan Rivera reflect on how, whether it's with cuisine or culture, diversity and difference help us to live our lives more abundantly. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

After the Fall

It takes courage to get back up after we fall down, to recover from our mistakes, to admit our failures and try again.  But we're human - which means we have to do it all the time! So we might as well learn to do it as well as possible. Rev. Libby Smith and Worship Associate Rob Sartain offer their reflections. 


Rev. Libby Smith