UUCDC Sermons

Entertaining Angels

As we conclude our examination of this month's spiritual theme of "Welcome," and in recognition of the Jewish High Holidays, Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Nathan Rivera reflect on the meaning and impact of the text from the Book of Genesis found in chapter 18 of the Hebrew Bible. What does this text tell us about how we extend hospitality to "the other?"

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Embracing Uncertainty

It's been said that the only constant in our lives is change. As we continue our month-long exploration of the spiritual theme of "Welcome," Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Rob Sartain reflect upon how we might understand, welcome and even possibly embrace the uncertainty in our lives. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Ingathering Sunday Service

This Sunday was our annual multigenerational Ingathering Service. We meet in the circle outside the church and then process into the church together to kick off a new year. During the service we installed Chrissy Bushyager, our new Director of Religious Education, and commissioned many of our volunteers. Congregation members were asked to bring a stone from summer wanderings to be blessed during the service, which are used throughout the church year for our "Joys and Concerns" segment of each service. The service was followed by an all-church picnic hosted and provided by the UUCDC Board of Trustees.

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Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Everyday Sacred

Today's sermon explores the mystery and wonder to be found in our everyday lives.  The invitation for all of us is to look at our lives with a fresh vision and renewed appreciation for the ordinary.
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Cindy Terlazzo

Theology of Caregiving

Being responsible for the care of anyone is a spiritual journey - whether we are caring for a child, a relative, a friend, or even ourselves. Our theologies and beliefs inform how we encounter this part of our lives, and affect how other people experience us. What does it mean to have a theology of caregiving, and how can we be more intentional in caring as embodied expression, whatever form of care we offer? 
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Heather Petit

Religious Laughter

Religion has a reputation for being pretty serious, but every religious tradition has its share of humor. Let's look at the serious role that laughter plays in religious life - and laugh together as we do it.

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Rev. Libby Smith

Where do we go from here?

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. asked, “where do we go from here?”  That’s a timely question for UUs in 2017.  With the recent discontent this spring, it’s time to examine Unitarian Universalism and its prospects for the future. 

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Connie Simon

Finding Your Muse

The nine muses of Greek mythology inspired the creativity of poets, songwriters and artists.  Joe Miller considers the creativity of everyday life and how we can find our own muse to inspire it.

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Joe Miller

Fabulous Bible Stories – Fact or Fiction?

The Bible has several well established stories that sound marvelous and have been the genesis (pun totally intended!) of some fabulous movies. Did Noah really save all the creatures of the earth from the great flood? Did Moses really lead the exodus of the Israelites across the Red Sea? And what about those plagues? But is it possible that these dramatic stories could be derived from actual events. Is there archeological or anthropological evidence that might give them more credence? Could they have been appropriated from more ancient sources? Or could it be, as the heckler shouts in Monty Python’s Life of Brian:  “You’re making it up as you go along.”  I am a great believer in the adage that to copy one person’s work is plagiarism, but to copy two or more is research. On that basis this service will present a compilation of sources, some of which could be considered “alternative facts” that might just make you reconsider your view of these stories.

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Peter Cooke

Come As You Are -- Then Change

We pride ourselves on being a faith tradition that welcomes people to come just as they are.  But the religious journey is also about the challenge to change and grow into our best selves.  Let's explore the balance.

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Rev. Libby Smith