UUCDC Sermons

A Playful Spirit

On the unofficial kick-off to summer and the final Sunday of our theme of "Embodiment," Rev. Peter and Worship Associate John Davies explore the importance of "play" for our spiritual well-being. What role does "play" play in your life? How is it valuable, and does trying to value it actually devalue it by placing a value on it? 

Because it's Memorial Day weekend, we begin our service with a brief ritual of remembrance of those whom we've lost to war and other conflict. Then we will shift our focus to explore how we might embrace and embody the spirit of play in our lives.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Annual YUUCKI Service

This is the annual youth service organized by the YUUCKIs  (or Young Unitarian Universalists Combined for Knowledge and Interest). It is a chance to celebrate the year with the youth who have participated in the program. We hear the reflections from a sample of the fantastic group of young people that are part of our congregation and see their skills and talents in action as they run our regular service. We also celebrate our high school seniors who have graduated from the youth program and bridge to young adults, a traditionally moving ceremony with input from all components of our beloved community.


You Had to Be There

As we embark on the exploration of May's spiritual theme of "Embodiment," and freshly back from his sabbatical, Rev. Peter shares some of his experiences over the past three months and reflects on the importance of "presence" (physical, mental and spiritual) in our daily lives. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Making the Unconscious Conscious

The brain processes millions of pieces of information daily and does this largely without us even realizing it. If we better recognize the unconscious biases that we all have because they are an inherent part of our brain’s work to protect us, we have the opportunity to make the unconscious, conscious. In doing so, it allows us to take action to manage bias and transform our thinking and our ability to create a truly inclusive community.


Laurie Cooke

Always Miracles

"Where there is great love, there are always miracles," said Willa Cather in one of her novels.  This sermon celebrates the miracle of new life, in the world around us and in our own hearts and spirits. 

Only audio is available for this sermon.

Rev. Libby Smith

Journeys of Transformation

Both Passover, and Palm Sunday, involve journeys that require courage, and risk, in order to move toward transformation. This sermon explores these ancient stories, and their universal themes.  

Only audio is available for this sermon.

Rev. Libby Smith

Pondering Partnerships

Larry Schwab, a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist for more than 30 years and a member of our congregation, presents a sermon titled “Pondering Partnerships”, where personal growth, relationships and faith are discussed.  

H. Laurence Schwab MFT

Giving Voice to Love

Reaching out to others - or even to ourselves - with loving kindness is risky. But even small gestures can have startling results. 

Rev. Libby Smith

Spiritual Practice in Troubled Times

These times, more than any in recent memory, call us to testify to our values daily, build partnerships  and communities to channel our collective outrage, and resist injustice. But do these times also call on us to revisit our spiritual practice? 

Joe Miller

Taking Risks

This all ages service that explores what truly integrated multi-generational worship can look like!  This service, on the theme of "Risk," will feature inclusive worship arts that congregations are using around the country. 

Erica Shadowsong
Interim DRE