This Sunday, Rev. Peter's October Poem, Message from the President and UUCDC Happenings

This Sunday, Oct. 21: "Sustaining Action, Sustaining Hope"

Continuing with our theme of "Sanctuary," this Sunday we'll consider how we care for our ultimate "sanctuary." How can we sustain ourselves and one another in responding to the call to care for our common home, Earth? Rev. Alison Cornish, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light and a Unitarian Universalist minister, will offer some pragmatic ways we can "keep on keeping on." 

Join Rev. Cornish for a discussion on Climate Change, Climate Justice following the second service in the Sanctuary.  Light refreshments to be served.  Please RSVP here!

"When Worry Knocks"; by Rev. Peter Friedrichs for the September theme of "Sanctuary"

The knock can come
at any time of the day or night. 
And when it does, we know
in our gut who it is, because
we’ve heard that sound 
so many times before.
Our response is Pavlovian.
We drop everything
and run to the door. 
Opening it, we say 
“Come in. Of course.
Make yourself at home.
Would you like some tea?”
We don’t ask impertinent
questions like “How long
will you be staying?”
or “How great is your need?”
We simply say, “Yes,” and then
suffer the consequences.
Worry is a thief who steals
the silverware right off our table. 
The freeloader who finishes 
the milk, then complains when 
there’s none for his coffee.
It has our PIN, and each 
time it visits, it depletes 
our savings, knowing
we’ll forget by the next time 
it comes ‘round.
What would happen if we 
barred the door? 
Or, like a couple who’s run out 
of Halloween candy, turn out 
the lights and pretend we’re not home? 
Will it look to slip in by a window, 
or come down the flue like an anti-Santa?
Or might it just give up 
and walk away, perplexed?
Worry will be back, to be sure,
to test our resolve, 
for it’s relentless.
But every time we refuse
to answer its call,
we keep our hearts a refuge,
our homes a sanctuary.

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